Hello HBU VSA,

This is Thao.  Hope everyone have enjoyed the goodness of 2010.  I’ve been really busy lately with school and family, so I haven’t seen a lot of you guys as much as before and we need to fix that.  VSA is having a lot of fun events ahead such as Tapioca Fundraiser, Car Wash, Crawfish Boil, VSA Showcase, Husky Revue, etc.  It is not too late for you guys to get involved in VSA, spend time with other members from the VSA body and just have fun these last months of school.  I know school is pretty hectic for most of you but it won’t hurt to have 2-3 hour break a week with your favorite peeps!

VSA Showcase and Husky Revue are getting close.  We have had rehearsals for the past couple weeks and it went really well.  All the girls no doubt show off their fabulous, graceful and elegant dance moves.  And the guys, of course, have been a great supporting system.  We have rehearsals every Monday night from 6:30-9pm in S104, feel free to come by and visit us.

One more thing, I want to thank all members for their time and dedication to VSA.  You guys have made VSA possible!
Your Secretary,
Thao Nguyen

Hey guys, 

I'd like to start thanking those who went to our Christmas party this year! Also thanks to those that went to the Boarder's book/gift wrapping event during the break. We made over $270 dollars in donations. We also made about $130 for the UNICEF donations!

We have a lot of work (it's going to be fun!) with showcase coming up in April. We'll talk about it more during our general meeting this Friday, January 22nd.  We're going to try to have a bake sale soon, maybe near Valentine's day.  We'll also try to get a car wash event once the weather gets warmer as well. 

UH VSA is having an event, called VEX that's a formal variety show with a date auction! It's $10 dollars, so if you want to come, let us know and bring your money to the meeting this Friday. The event is on Saturday, January 23rd. Thao's going let you guys know more about that in an email. It'll be a lot of fun and proceeds go to charity.

I'd like to know if you guys really read this, so leave us a comment! If you have any opinions or ideas, we're all ears. Let us know about any fundraiser ideas, ideas for showcase, social events you guys want to do as VSA. 

Your External Vice President, 
David Nguyen 
Hey y'all. This is Michael Devine, y'all's internal vice president.
Thank you to all of those who helped at the donut sale and especially thanks to those who support the VSA by purchasing donuts.  We were able to rake in some money.  Even though the donut sale was a big success we still need a lot more funds for showcase so we will be holding more fund raiser like bake sales for the rest of the year.

We had a bit of an accident at the fried rice cook off were three of our own were injured, but everyone was ok and are doing great.  We even were able to win 1st place thanks to those that stayed at UST and finished the rice!  For winning we got a sweet handmade trophy and some asian treats that we will pass out at the next meeting. 

look forward to more fund raisers, some activities with other VSA's in houston, and showcase practices that will be starting up soon
hope y'all have a good turkey break and stuff y'all's faces with some good food!
cya at general meeting #7 after the turkey break

internal VP
Hi to all HBU VSA members!

This is Thang, your historian, speaking. First of all, I'd like to send special thanks to all the members that came out to our Bowling night. It was a lot of fun and we hope that this will continue through the school year.

All of us are working very hard to plan out many events that are either entirely organized by HBU VSA or in conjunction with other organization such as HBU FSA, VCSA, and many other organizations throughout the greater Houston area. We're trying to have a good blend of many different events of both socializing and volunteering so that the members will have many opportunities to get to know each other better, to help out in the community, and to have fun at the same time!

Saturday, October 10th from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. is the Mid-Autumn Children's Festival at the Children Museum of Houston. If you have not signed up for that then please do so ASAP. If you don't have a ride then talk to the any of the officers so that we can arrange car pool.

I would also like to thank all the members that have been making tremendous efforts to come to our meetings even though we know that many of u have time conflict. We just want all of you to know that if you can't make it on time to the events then it's ok to come late. If you just can't come to the meetings then you are welcome to contact any of the officers to get updated on the upcoming events.

We are looking forward to seeing all of the members at meetings and events.

Remember! VSA, it's where the fun is!!!!!!

Thang Nguyen

This is Jason.  I hope everybody has been enjoying our VSA meetings so far.  It's very exciting to seeing so many new people interested in the club this year.  I remember being a freshman at my first school.  I was at University of South Carolina 05-06.  My freshman class alone was the size of the entire student body at HBU.  Not knowing but 2 or 3 people that I went to high school with, they suggested that I join VSA.  I had no clue what it was and thought it would be lame, because I was super white washed.  After the first mixer there, it became so much more than that.  They provided me with friends that became like a family to me that I still keep in touch with to this day.  If I needed somebody to study with, eat lunch with, or just to have friends around.  So with that, my advice to all of you is to get to know as many people in VSA as possible.  We're all like one big family around campus and if any of you need any help with anything, don't hesitate to ask.  You can always come to any of us if ya'll need anything.  Even if it's just a ride to Burger King to get food.

Also, the bowling mixer is approaching this Wednesday.  Come out if you wanna get destroyed.  I'll be more than happy to tear you up.  It's set at $11/person, but it can go down if a lot of you show up.  That includes shoes and food.  Assuming that we'll have 20 people, we'll be given 4 lanes so it's a great deal.  Emerald Bowling on Wednesday at 5pm.

Finally, October 29th is our Dodgeball tournament.  We need people to sign up for this.  It's $10 a person to play.  Come talk to me personally if you really wanna play and can't do $10.  I'll personally do what I can to chip in and help you out on that.  But if you can pay $10 and are too cheap to, don't talk to me about it.  I ain't no sugar daddy.

Your friend,
Jason Le

I hope everyone is off to a great start this school year. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who came out to VSA's first mixer of the year. Being such a small school, we need all the support we can get!

Its been a while since we've been able to update this page but for future notice, members and others will be able to check for any upcoming events here! Feel free to browse around and learn more about our organization as a whole.

As many of you know, VSA's first general meeting of the year will be held on Friday, September 11th from 11:00 - 11:50 in Hinton room 117. There will be food so come and invite your friends as well. I understand that there might be a time conflict with other activities on campus, trust me, I'm a student myself, just do your best and VSA is grateful for your support regardless!

Your President,
Jennifer Lee

Well it is finally Spring Break!!!! Woooo partay!!!

It has been a BUSY spring semester so far so I apologize for not posting anything sooner. We just finished out first showcase practice and I am very proud to report it went really well! We only have 2 more weekends to practice but after seeing last night's practice I am very hopeful we will do well. I also want to thanks Thang, Tram, Thao, Son, and John for them taking the time to voice record. Sometimes our recording sessions lasted 4 hours!

I want everyone to have a safe and fun spring break and remember keep showing up to practices! (Only 4-6 more left!)


Hey guys! If you have not figured it out yet this is Justin (your President) and I am proud to say that our website is finally up and running!!! We have our new Treasurer Anh Nguyen to thank for this so when you see her let her know how much you love the site!  (If you are a little confused on why our treasurer is Anh and not Jason, well then please see the news tab of our amazing new site! (he was promoted, f.y.i.))

Wow so finals are done and now we can all enjoy our well deserved holiday break! So go to your local Starbucks and order a Peppermint Mocha or Gingerbread Latte which I personally feel is like Christmas in my mouth!!! (This was not a paid advertisement) Well while you guys slumber away and sleep till 5 pm your officers are hard at work during the break to help get our portion of showcase off the ground. We will be settling on ideas and making them concrete so when the school year does start our practices will hit the ground running! We will be counting on all of you to help us win 1st place this year!

One more thing, I want to thank all our members for their time and contributions to VSA! We could not have made it possible without you guys!

So enjoy your break, browse our lovely site, and relax. Also please check back here often for other officer's blogs and more news.

Happy Holidays!
Your President,

Justin A. Chakrabarty