Hey guys! If you have not figured it out yet this is Justin (your President) and I am proud to say that our website is finally up and running!!! We have our new Treasurer Anh Nguyen to thank for this so when you see her let her know how much you love the site!  (If you are a little confused on why our treasurer is Anh and not Jason, well then please see the news tab of our amazing new site! (he was promoted, f.y.i.))

Wow so finals are done and now we can all enjoy our well deserved holiday break! So go to your local Starbucks and order a Peppermint Mocha or Gingerbread Latte which I personally feel is like Christmas in my mouth!!! (This was not a paid advertisement) Well while you guys slumber away and sleep till 5 pm your officers are hard at work during the break to help get our portion of showcase off the ground. We will be settling on ideas and making them concrete so when the school year does start our practices will hit the ground running! We will be counting on all of you to help us win 1st place this year!

One more thing, I want to thank all our members for their time and contributions to VSA! We could not have made it possible without you guys!

So enjoy your break, browse our lovely site, and relax. Also please check back here often for other officer's blogs and more news.

Happy Holidays!
Your President,

Justin A. Chakrabarty

12/21/2008 01:28:15 am

Great job on the page, Anh! What a cute first blog Justin. :) Hope you guys are enjoying your break and see ya soon!


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