Hey y'all. This is Michael Devine, y'all's internal vice president.
Thank you to all of those who helped at the donut sale and especially thanks to those who support the VSA by purchasing donuts.  We were able to rake in some money.  Even though the donut sale was a big success we still need a lot more funds for showcase so we will be holding more fund raiser like bake sales for the rest of the year.

We had a bit of an accident at the fried rice cook off were three of our own were injured, but everyone was ok and are doing great.  We even were able to win 1st place thanks to those that stayed at UST and finished the rice!  For winning we got a sweet handmade trophy and some asian treats that we will pass out at the next meeting. 

look forward to more fund raisers, some activities with other VSA's in houston, and showcase practices that will be starting up soon
hope y'all have a good turkey break and stuff y'all's faces with some good food!
cya at general meeting #7 after the turkey break

internal VP

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