Hello HBU VSA,

This is Thao.  Hope everyone have enjoyed the goodness of 2010.  I’ve been really busy lately with school and family, so I haven’t seen a lot of you guys as much as before and we need to fix that.  VSA is having a lot of fun events ahead such as Tapioca Fundraiser, Car Wash, Crawfish Boil, VSA Showcase, Husky Revue, etc.  It is not too late for you guys to get involved in VSA, spend time with other members from the VSA body and just have fun these last months of school.  I know school is pretty hectic for most of you but it won’t hurt to have 2-3 hour break a week with your favorite peeps!

VSA Showcase and Husky Revue are getting close.  We have had rehearsals for the past couple weeks and it went really well.  All the girls no doubt show off their fabulous, graceful and elegant dance moves.  And the guys, of course, have been a great supporting system.  We have rehearsals every Monday night from 6:30-9pm in S104, feel free to come by and visit us.

One more thing, I want to thank all members for their time and dedication to VSA.  You guys have made VSA possible!
Your Secretary,
Thao Nguyen

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