Hey guys, 

I'd like to start thanking those who went to our Christmas party this year! Also thanks to those that went to the Boarder's book/gift wrapping event during the break. We made over $270 dollars in donations. We also made about $130 for the UNICEF donations!

We have a lot of work (it's going to be fun!) with showcase coming up in April. We'll talk about it more during our general meeting this Friday, January 22nd.  We're going to try to have a bake sale soon, maybe near Valentine's day.  We'll also try to get a car wash event once the weather gets warmer as well. 

UH VSA is having an event, called VEX that's a formal variety show with a date auction! It's $10 dollars, so if you want to come, let us know and bring your money to the meeting this Friday. The event is on Saturday, January 23rd. Thao's going let you guys know more about that in an email. It'll be a lot of fun and proceeds go to charity.

I'd like to know if you guys really read this, so leave us a comment! If you have any opinions or ideas, we're all ears. Let us know about any fundraiser ideas, ideas for showcase, social events you guys want to do as VSA. 

Your External Vice President, 
David Nguyen 

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